About Us

The RoT Organics Story

The tale of RoT Organics begins in Sherman, Texas in 2006, with the arrival of our Grandpa Bill.  Bill is an old school Oklahoma farmer dedicated to organic homegrown produce: especially tomatoes.

Grandpa Bill with his prized tomato seedlings

Grandpa Bill with his prized tomato seedlings

To say that Grandpa Bill would do anything for a big, juicy, still-warm-from-the-sun, homegrown tomato would be an understatement. Driven by Bill’s need for a steady supply of homegrown tomatoes, we soon turned our backyard into a 2,000 square foot organic garden. Under Grandpa’s tutelage we learned many effective organic methods to control the tenacious Texas pests attempting to feast on our garden, without harming our beloved dogs or the precious pollinators.

From there, we began learning water-saving irrigation and composting techniques to improve the quality and reduce the cost of our prolific garden. We got really good at organic gardening and lawn care. Our organic front lawn was the most beautiful on the block, even in the dead of winter, and our backyard garden became locally famous among friends and acquaintances who requested tours.

As the saying goes, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  We proudly provide OMRI Listed pest control for the lawn, garden, or agricultural operation.

Leo and Obie

Leo and Obie, cool dudes